GestureCalc Operator Gesture Codes

This page is walkthrough of character codes described in the GestureCalc paper. Do you want to try the app? Contact me to get it on TestFlight.

A table of gestures. Columns include directional swipe (up, down, left, and right), tap, and long tap. Rows include 1-finger, 2-finger, and 3-finger. Each cell has a geometric visual representation of that gesture. A visual representation of gesture descriptions for operators. A table showing +, -, *, /,  =, D, C in the first row and the geometric representation of each operator's gesture code in the second row.

Operators: Up/Down Metaphor

two finger upward swipe


two finger downward swipe


three finger upward swipe


three finger downward swipe


Operators: Left/Right Metaphor

one finger leftward swipe


two finger leftward swipe


two finger rightward swipe


The abundant vertical padding is to improve performance. My browser struggles to animate more than 5 gifs at a time