Lucy Lin


I am a PhD student in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington. My advisor is Noah Smith, and I am part of the Noah’s ARK research group.1My term of venery is "a parliament of owls."

My research interests lie in the intersection of natural language processing and computational social science; I am particularly interested in modeling how ideas appear in and are transformed by the news.

My research is currently funded by a NSF Graduate Fellowship.

Before starting graduate school, I was a software engineer at Microsoft, where I worked on Skype for Business Server.2 If you have ever had trouble joining a meeting using SfB, I'm sorry. I graduated with a BSE in Computer Science and Certificate in Finance from Princeton University in 2012.3 Princetonian potpourri:

My senior thesis, titled "Cascading Failures in Financial Networks," was advised by Andrea LaPaugh. I was first introduced to NLP through work with Christiane Fellbaum; I also had an algorithm visualization project with Kevin Wayne and did research on protein structure prediction with Christodoulos Floudas.

On the side, I was a member of Rockefeller College and then the Princeton Charter Club, fenced foil with the fencing club, and sometimes gave engineering school tours as part of Tau Beta Pi. (Among other things.) My favorite ice cream place in Princeton is the Bent Spoon.

: lucylin [at] cs [dot] washington [dot] edu