Interesting articles on Hindustani Classical musicians.

Picture of Abdul Karim Khan
An article on Abdul Karim Khan by Susheela Mishra.
Picture of Abdul Waheed Khan
An article on Abdul Wahid Khan by Rose Okada and La Monte Young.
Picture of Alladiya Khan
An article on Alladiya Khan by Vamanrao Deshpande.
Another by B.R.Deodhar.
Picture of Amir Khan
An article on Amir Khan by G.N.Joshi.
Another by Susheela Mishra
Picture of Bade Ghulam Ali Khan
An article on Bade Ghulam Ali Khan by G.N.Joshi
Picture of Basavraj Rajguru
An article on Basavraj Rajguru by Nachiketa Sharma.
Picture of Begum Akhtar
An article on Begum Akhtar by G.N.Joshi.
Picture of Bhaskarbuwa Bakhale
An article on Bhaskarbuwa Bakhale by V.H. Deshpande.
Picture of Bhatkhande
Two articles on Bhatkhande by Susheela Mishra and B.R.Deodhar.
Picture of Bhimsen Joshi
A profile of Bhimsen Joshi.
An article by Manorath Gautam
Picture of Bholanath Bhatt
An article on Bholanath Bhatt by B.R. Deodhar.
Picture of C. R. Vyas
An article on C. R. Vyas by S. Kalidas.
Picture of D.V. Paluskar
An article on D.V.Paluskar by G.N.Joshi.
Picture of Faiyaz Khan
An article on Faiyaz Khan by Susheela Mishra.
Anecdotes about Faiyaz Khan.
Picture of Gangubai Hangal
An article on Gangubai Hangal by Sabina Sehgal.
Another by Deepa Ganesh.
Recollections by Sanjiva Prasad.
Picture of Gajananrao Joshi
An article on Gajananrao Joshi by Mohan Nadkarni.
Picture of Jagannathbuwa Purohit
An article on Jagannathbuva Purohit by G.N.Joshi.
Picture of Jasraj
Anecdotal memoirs by Jasraj.
Picture of Jitendra Abhisheki
An article on Jitendra Abhisheki by Amarendra Dhaneshwar.
Picture of Latafat Hussain Khan
An article on Latafat Hussain Khan by Ruby Mallik.
Picture of Kesarbai Kerkar
Two articles on Kesarbai Kerkar by G.N.Joshi and Susheela Mishra.
Picture of Khadim Hussain
An article on Khadim Hussain Khan by Batuk Dewanji.
Picture of Kishori Amonkar
An article on Kishori Amonkar by Vibha Purandare.
Picture of Kumar Gandharva
A profile of Kumar Gandharva.
Picture of Mallikarjun Mansur
An article on Mallikarjun Mansur by H.Y. Sharada Prasad.
Another by P.L. Deshpande.
Picture of Mogubai Kurdikar
An article on Mogubai Kurdikar by Gopalkrishna Bhobe.
Picture of Omkarnath Thakur
An article on Omkarnath Thakur by Susheela Mishra.
Picture of Siddheshwari Devi
An article on Siddheshwari Devi by Susheela Mishra.
Picture of S.N. Ratanjankar
An article on S.N.Ratanjankar by Susheela Mishra.
Picture of V.D. Paluskar
An article on V.D.Paluskar by B. Chaitanya Deva.
Picture of Sharafat Hussain Khan
An article on Sharafat Hussain Khan by Batuk Diwanji.
Picture of Vinayakrao Patwardhan
An article on Vinayakrao Patwardhan by P.C. Jayaraman and S. Janaki.
Picture of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah
An article on Wajid Ali Shah by Susheela Mishra.
Picture of Yunus Hussain Khan
An article on Yunus Hussain Khan.
Picture of Mohammad Hussain Sarahang
An article on Mohammad Hussain Sarahang.
Picture of Ulhas Kashalkar
An article on Ulhas Kashalkar by Sumana Ramanan.

(Many of these articles were published by Rajan Parrikar on the rmic newsgroup)
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