1. An Inductive Logic Programming Approach to Statistical Relational Learning
  2. A Survey of Reinforcement Learning in Relational Domains
  3. Exploiting First-Order Regression in Inductive Policy Selection
  4. Exploiting First-Order Regression in Inductive Policy Selection - Extended Abstract
  5. First Order Decision Diagrams for Decision-Theoretic Planning
  6. First Order Markov Decision Processes
  7. Hierarchical Structure Discovery and Transfer in Sequential Decision Problems
  8. Knowledge and Ignorance in Reinforcement Learning
  9. Learning Relational Navigation Policies
  10. Learning to transfer optimal navigation policies
  11. Mapeamento semantico com aprendizado estattico relacional para representacao de conhecimento em robotica movel
  12. Model-Assisted Approaches for Relational Reinforcement Learning: Some challenges for the SRL community
  13. Multi-Objective Constraint Satisfaction for Mobile Robot Area Defense
  14. Probabilistic Relational Planning with First Order Decision Diagrams
  15. Research on Statistical Relational Learning at the University of Washington
  16. Simplificacion de los procesos de decision de Markov mediante reglamentacion de acciones y priorizacion de estados
  17. Solving Large Markov Decision Processes (depth paper)
  18. Solving relational and first-order logical markov decision processes: A survey
  19. Transfer in variable-reward hierarchical reinforcement learning
  20. Towards Informed Reinforcement Learning
  21. Using Common Sense for Decision Making in an Adventure Game
  22. Value-Function-Based Transfer for Reinforcement Learning Using Structure Mapping