1. A Hill-Climbing Approach for Planning with Temporal Uncertainty
  2. A Hybridized Planner for Stochastic Domains
  3. A Two-Teams Approach for Robust Probabilistic Temporal Planning
  4. Challenges for Temporal Planning with Uncertain Durations
  5. Concurrent Decision Making in Markov Decision Processes
  6. Concurrent probabilistic planning in the graphplan framework
  7. Concurrent probabilistic temporal planning with policy-gradients
  8. Counting SAT-based Weighted Planning
  9. Exploiting C-TAEMS Models for Policy Search
  10. Generating Plans in Concurrent, Probabilistic, Over-Subscribed Domains
  11. Generating temporally contingent plans
  12. Planification robusteal'aide d'une montee de gradient
  13. Planning with Durative Actions in Stochastic Domains
  14. Policy-Gradient for Robust Planning
  15. Policy-gradient methods for planning
  16. Probabilistic Plan Management
  17. Probabilistic Temporal Planning in Prottle - Extended Abstract
  18. Problemes Decisionnels de Markov Temporels: formalisation et resolution
  19. Processus Decisionnels de Markov en Intelligence Artificielle
  20. Prottle: A Probabilistic Temporal Planner
  21. Resolving Non-Determinism in Programs for Complex Task Planning with Search Control
  22. Scalable planning under uncertainty
  23. Sequential monte carlo in probabilistic planning reachability heuristics
  24. Sequential monte carlo in reachability heuristics for probabilistic planning
  25. Simulation methods for uncertain decision-theoretic planning
  26. Techniques for Generating Optimal, Robust Plans in the Presence of Temporal Uncertainty
  27. Temporal coordination under uncertainty: initial results for the two agents case
  28. Temporal Markov Decision Problems - Formalization and Resolution
  29. The factored policy-gradient planner
  30. The factored policy-gradient planner (IPC-06 version)
  31. Towards Efficient Probabilistic Temporal Planning
  32. XMDP: un modele de planification temporelle dans l'incertain a actions parametriques