1. A probabilistic planner for the combat power management problem
  2. Challenges for Temporal Planning with Uncertain Durations
  3. Concurrent probabilistic temporal planning with policy-gradients
  4. CORALS: A real-time planner for anti-air defense operations
  5. Creating or deleting infinite objects in Graphplan
  6. Embracing Conflicts: Exploiting Inconsistencies in Distributed Schedules using Simple Temporal Network Representations
  7. On the partial observability of temporal uncertainty
  8. Optimization of actions in activation timed influence nets
  9. Planification D'actions Concurrentes sous Contraintes et Incertitude
  10. Planning for concurrent action executions under action duration uncertainty using dynamically generated bayesian networks
  11. Planning with durative actions in stochastic domains
  12. Probabilistic Plan Management
  13. Problemes Decisionnels de Markov Temporels: formalisation et resolution
  14. Processus Decisionnels de Markov en Intelligence Artificielle
  15. Reactive planning as a motivational source in a behavior-based architecture
  16. Reasoning about executional uncertainty to strengthen schedules
  17. Research in Concurrent Planning
  18. Strengthening schedules through uncertainty analysis
  19. Temporal Markov Decision Problems - Formalization and Resolution
  20. The factored policy-gradient planner
  21. TLP-GP: Solving Temporally-Expressive Planning Problems
  22. Towards Probabilistic Plan Management
  23. When is temporal planning really temporal?