1. Actions with Durations and Failures in BDI Languages
  2. A Human-Aware Robot Task Planner
  3. Automated Planners and Planning analysis with Durative Actions
  4. Architecture design for mobile robot task planning and execution system in intelligent environments
  5. Automatic Construction of Efficient Multiple Battery Usage Policies
  6. Bilişsel Robotlarda Yaşam Boyu Deneyimsel Öğrenme İle Hata Kotarma
  7. Bounded Expectations for Discrepancy Detection in Goal-Driven Autonomy
  8. Branched Plans with Execution-Time Choice to Reduce the Costs of Conservative Planning
  9. Compiling Away Uncertainty in Strong Temporal Planning with Uncontrollable Durations
  10. Conflict Resolution in Multiagent Systems: Balancing Optimality and Learning Speed
  11. Cost-Optimal Strong Planning in Non-Deterministic Domains
  12. Cost-Sensitive Concurrent Planning Under Duration Uncertainty for Service-Level Agreements
  13. Decision Support Tool for Anti-Ship Missile Defence Operations
  14. Embracing Conflicts: Exploiting Inconsistencies in Distributed Schedules using Simple Temporal Network Representations
  15. Generating Plans in Concurrent, Probabilistic, Over-Subscribed Domains
  16. Generating Plans in Concurrent, Probabilistic, Over-Subscribed Domains
  17. Generating project plans for data center transformations
  18. Grandpa Hates Robots - Interaction Constraints for Planning in Inhabited Environments
  19. Heuristic guidance for forward-chaining planning with numeric uncertainty
  20. Human-aware planning for robots embedded in ambient ecologies
  21. Human-aware task planning: An application to mobile robots
  22. Human-aware task planning for mobile robots
  23. Inferring Context and Goals for Online Human-Aware Planning
  24. Mobile robot task planning system design in intelligent environments
  25. Model Checking for the Analysis and Control of Complex and Non-deterministic Systems
  26. Multirobot Symbolic Planning under Temporal Uncertainty
  27. Operations Planning
  28. Opportunistic Branched Plans to Maximise Utility in the Presence of Resource Uncertainty
  29. Partial Satisfaction Planning: Representation and Solving Methods
  30. Plan-based Policies for Efficient Multiple Battery Load Management
  31. Planification D'actions Concurrentes sous Contraintes et Incertitude
  32. Planning as an Iterative Process
  33. Planning Delayed-Response Queries and Transient Policies under Reward Uncertainty
  34. Planning in Inhabited Environments: Human-Aware Task Planning and Activity Recognition
  35. Planning with Concurrency under Resources and Time Uncertainty
  36. Problemes Decisionnels de Markov Temporels: formalisation et resolution
  37. Processus decisionnels de Markov en intelligence artificielle
  38. Solving Policy Conflicts in Concurrent Markov Decision Processes
  39. Research on Mobile Robot Task Planning and Execution System in Intelligent Environments
  40. Risk-aware Planning in Hybrid Domains: An Application to Autonomous Planetary Rovers
  41. Risk-Sensitive Planning with Dynamic Uncertainty
  42. Synthesis of Cost-Optimal Strong Plans in Non-Deterministic Domains
  43. Task coordination for service robots based on multiple Markov decision processes
  44. Temporal Markov Decision Problems - Formalization and Resolution
  45. The factored policy-gradient planner
  46. Topological Value Iteration Algorithms
  47. When is Temporal Planning Really Temporal?