Developer. Educator. Learner. Explorer. Human.

University of Washington
Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering


I am currently a Master's student at the UW Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. My Computer Science and Human-Centered Design & Engineering coursework have provided unique opportunities to apply my diverse interests in STEM, arts, and social sciences to solving contemporary problems.
I am currently pursuing a career as a CS Lecturer following my graduation as a Computer Science Master's student at the University of Washington's Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering in Spring 2020.

I seek opportunities that present students challenge and intellectual reward, foster curiosity and ultimately help them discover their role in computer science beyond the classroom.

In my free time, I'm either studying a new technology or programming language, solving logic puzzles, or finding new things to learn, all with fresh coffee in hand and my four-legged friend at my side.


My experience as a TA or instructor in a variety of courses has introduced me to an invaluable set of pedagogies, course structures, student backgrounds, and class sizes. My teaching focus is in web development, introductory programming (CS1/CS2) and I also enjoy teaching a variety of other courses that introduce students to other areas in CS, especially when motivating Accessibility, Security, and Ethics.

In many courses, I have contributed to curriculum development, such as section exercises, assignments, and exams. My experiences designing projects, class exercises, exams, and incorporating active learning methods in CSE 154 is most representative of my approach to instruction and curriculum design. You can visit the Summer 2019 course website for a recent example of lectures, projects, exams, and other material I have written.

You can learn more about my teaching philosophy in my official Teaching Statement.

CSE 154: Web Development

  • Summer 2019 (Instructor)
  • Spring 2019, Autumn 2018 (Co-Instructor)
  • Spring 2018, Spring 2017, Autumn 2017 (Head TA)
  • Spring 2016, Winter 2016 (TA)

CSE 484: Computer Security

  • Autumn 2019 (Head TA)

CSE 341: Programming Languages

  • Winter 2019 (TA)

CSE 490H: History of Computing Seminar

  • Winter 2019 (Creator/Co-Instructor)

CSE 143: Computer Programming II

  • Spring 2018, Winter 2018 (Head TA)
  • Autumn/Summer/Winter 2016, Autumn/Summer/Spring 2015 (TA)

CSE 332: Data Structures and Parallelism

  • Winter 2017 (TA)

CSE 190A: Women in Computing Seminar

CSE 311: Foundations to Computing (Discrete Mathematics)

  • Spring 2016 (TA)


UW ACM-W Officer and Webmaster (2018-20)

Plan and organize 6-10 quarterly events relating to diversity in computing, community development, and academic/professional support. Additionally manage website and blog for UW chapter.

CS Course Scribe (Winter/Spring 2019)

Took notes and organized key concepts for visually-impaired CS graduate student and presented alternative explanations and formats for lecture material that was often fundamentally visual (e.g. graph data structures) in graduate Solver-Aided Programming and Program Analysis courses.

Data Science Tutoring in R/Python/SQL (2018-19)

Weekly tutoring sessions with a HS student to introduce programming fundamentals to support a Python-integrated math course and athletic data science research (Python, R, MySQL).

CodeStepByStep/Practice-It - Content Creator and Developer (2015-19)

Implemented a variety of front-end and back-end features for the Practice-It/CodeStepByStep educational programming tools. Added support for HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and PHP problems and authoring 250+ exercises tailored towards web development courses. I have also helped add new exercises for functional languages (ML, Racket/Scheme) and regular expressions to support other courses.


FoldIt Protein Data Visualizer - Capstone Project (Spring 2018)

Integrated interests in computational biology, data visualization, and educational technology to create a researcher-focused tool to help analyze player data for FoldIt crowd-sourced protein-folding game.

PLSE Research — UW CSE Undergraduate Research (2016)

Developed G-Code parser/modeler with analysis programs to help analyze and optimize commercial 3D printing technology. Contributions included design and development of a G-Code Analyzer written in Java, as well as a dashboard web application for test results.

Judgement-Based Grading Tool — UW CSE Undergraduate Research (2016)

Worked with a UW CSE instructor and 3 other students implementing a Chrome extension to improve the quality of grading proof assignments. This tool integrates with the current grading platform but aims at providing more comprehensive student feedback as well as consistency between different graders on assignments.


Software Engineering Intern (Expedia Inc.)

Completed 3 internship projects, including designing and implementing an Java Spring API for the EPC platform, implementing real-time data visualization using Java MVC (backend) and JS/Backbone.js (frontend), and improving page performance on various EPC marketplace modules.

Additionally, authored a style guide for the EPC Marketplace team for support internal consistency and onboarding efficiency with new Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS coding conventions and published Chrome extension for improving onboarding experience.

Marketing Assistant (

Starting as a copywriting intern, I accumulated numerous roles for a growing start-up e-commerce business in interior d&ecute;cor, including adding data and copy for 1000+ SKU’s to our inventory platform, authoring 20+ articles on the company blog, and revamping the site’s content (over 10,000 SKU’s and web pages) with a focus on SEO keyword targeting based on user preferences and market trends.

Technology Marketing Intern (BuzzBee)

Worked with clients including Microsoft, AMD, Cloudera, and various start-ups to develop and write content for microsites and event emails. Internally, assisted in blog authoring for company technology-marketing blog and documented 20+ competitive analyses to support team preparation in creative and strategy departments.

UW Residence Education Programmer (2014-15)

As part of the first REP team at UW, I helped plan, implement, and manage weekly educational programs for University of Washington students living on campus. These programs provided enrichment in the areas of academic success, wellness, and diversity and reached up to 70 students per program throughout the year.

UW Early Fall Start Community Leader (Summer 2014/15)

Early Fall Start (EFS) is a program that draws in more than 600 incoming freshmen to the University of Washington on-campus residence halls during the month before the academic year starts. As a Community Leader (Resident Advisor), I helped support these students transitioning to starting college and living on campus. My responsibilities included marketing important information for students in the halls, planning and managing social and educational events, and responding to any issues students may have faced during their transition.


Allen School Service Award - 2018

Allen School Research Poster Award - 2018

Husky 100 Alum - 2018

Bob Bandes Teaching Award for Computer Science - 2016

SIGCSE Conference Attendee - 2016, 2017, 2018

Grace Hopper Scholarship Recipient - 2016 and 2018

Denice Dee Denton Endowment Recipient - 2016-17

Washington Research Fellowship Awardee - 2016-17