Possibly interesting, possibly obsolete links

Boston: weather, MBTA, Amtrak, Boston Public Library, Boston Globe, politics, restaurant menus, MassBike, CRW (this month).

Rice, Houston: RiceInfo, Underground Course Evaluations, Problem Tracking System, GSA Yellow Pages 1995-1996, No Frills Guide to Houston, Houston Chronicle Interactive.

Rice courses: Comp 210: Introduction to Principles of Scientific Computing, Comp 212: Intermediate Programming, Comp 410: Sofware Engineering.

HTML: beginner's guide, quick reference (HTML 1 and 2 only), specification, validate your HTML, W3 Consortium list of filters for format conversion, A Gentle Introduction to SGML.

RSI: MIT's RSI Home Page, R.S.I. Page, Typing Injury FAQ Home Page, Zap! The Book and the Domain, UW ergonomics, IBM healthy computing.

Lists of links: Yahoo (by far the best), ALIWEB.

WWW pages I founded but no longer maintain: Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR), CF-WEB: Cystic Fibrosis Information, ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Intermediate Representations (IR '95), Conference and workshop resources.


MIT CSAIL: SDG (D2), TDS (IOA), COMMIT (compilers), reading room, conference rooms, webmail

MIT EECS faculty; courses: 6.883: Program Analysis, 6.821 (old), 6.033 (staff), 6.170 (calendar, alternate; staff, staging), 6.893: Program Analysis for Software Engineering, 6.897, "6.370": IEEE IAP Programming contest, WebSIS

Michael Ernst