Slicing pointers and procedures (abstract)

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“Slicing pointers and procedures (abstract)” by Michael D. Ernst. Microsoft Research technical report MSR-TR-95-23, (Redmond, WA), January 13, 1995.


Program slicing restricts attention to the components of a program relevant to evaluation of one expression, the slicing criterion. Our slicer, which explicitly represents the store as an aggregate value, is the first to support arbitrary pointer manipulations and aggregate values, and is faster than more limited techniques. We also improve the asymptotic complexity of slicing in the presence of procedure calls, and of a preprocessing step for computing dependences of procedure returns on formals. Additionally, our interprocedural slices can be smaller than those produced by other techniques. We implement these techniques in the first slicer for an entire practical programming language (ANSI C, except longjmp).

Download: PDF, slides (PDF), slides (PowerPoint).

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