This directory contains a historical version of EDB, a database program for GNU Emacs. EDB was written by Michael Ernst <>, who maintained it through version 1.21. EDB is now maintained by Thien-Thi Nguyen <>, who has released many new versions.

Please see the current EDB webpage at

The following historical files are available:

README		This file.  The code and examples distributions have README
		files of their own.

edb-1.21.tar.gz	A gzipped tar file of the entire package, eg edb-1.21.tar.gz.
		To install EDB, get this file, then issue the following
		  gunzip edb-VER.tar.gz
		  tar xvf edb-VER.tar
		This creates a new directory edb-VER; read its README file,
		which is different from this file.

doc.tar.gz	The bulk of the EDB documentation is in the texinfo file
		edb.texi, included in the main distribution.  This gzipped
		tar file contains Info and PostScript versions of that
		document, plus the changelog -- all the release notices since
		version 0.20 (April 26, 1992).

examples.tar.gz	Contains example databases for use with EDB.  The files in
		this tar archive are also available in the examples
		subdirectory of this directory.