Emacs is the extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor and programming environment. It has most features of other editors (and programming IDEs), and many features that those other systems lack. (Sometimes people scoff and say I should use a different editor or IDE; then they see what Emacs can do, and wish their tools were as capable. But each tool has its own capabilities, so none is likely to convert everyone.)

Extensive customizations and add-on packages are available for Emacs, making it suitable for most imaginable tasks, including web browsing, spreadsheet calculation, and much more. The main archive of such packages is ELPA; a more extensive one is MELPA.

I am the author of several files in the Emacs distribution (reposition-window, dired-omit, and more) and hundreds of bug fixes or enhancements. I am also the author of extension packages for Emacs from the utilitarian to the foolish.

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