Michael Ernst's students

I am very fortunate to have a group of extraordinarily talented colleagues — both students and otherwise. Current and former members of my research group are listed below. Also see their publications.

I am always seeking bright, motivated students (at the undergraduate, master's, or PhD level), postdocs, and staff to contribute to a variety of program understanding and analysis research projects. Students looking for research projects (from undergraduates to PhD dissertations) should see my list of projects and research interests for a flavor (not an exhaustive list) of potential topics. If you are not at UW, then see my current projects to get a flavor for my interests.


Ph.D. students:


Research staff

Graduated alumni


Master's degrees

Bachelor's degrees

Only students who did a thesis or project for their degree are listed here. Many others participated in research, graduated, and were even co-authors on published papers.

... and many others who did research (and even got publications) but did not turn it into a thesis or final project for their degree.

Former postdocs

Former research staff

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