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Introduction to data programming with applications

CSE 160

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Computational methods permeate the sciences, engineering, and the humanities. A successful professional needs a basic knowledge of computer programming in order to perform practical data analysis. “Introduction to Data Programming with Applications” meets this need.


In this class:

Prerequisites: high-school math. No other prerequisites.
The class is intended for people who do not yet know how to program. You may not register for it if you have taken any 300-level CSE class. Enrollment preference will be given to those who have not taken CSE 143. If you are a direct-admit CSE major, you may take this class in place of CSE 142, but you will need an add code.
Add codes are controlled by the CSE undergrad advisors (, not by the instructor.

This class is useful on its own: by the end you will be able to write complete, useful programs. This class can also serve as a prerequisite for CSE 143 or CSE 143X, for those who may wish to take more programming classes in the future.

Instructors: Michael Ernst, Ruth Anderson

Books: See the syllabus. Buy your books well in advance, because they are not stocked by the University Book Store.

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