• 11/2022 – Starting Research Internship at NVIDIA (AI Robotics).
  • 06/2022 – Starting Research Internship at Sony AI America. (Until 10/2022; Thank you so much! Fantastic team and mentors!)
  • 06/2022 – Uploaded our latest paper "Dynamic Structure Estimation from Bandit Feedback" to arXiv.
  • 12/2021 – Passed the Qualifying Exam.
  • 06/2021 – Uploaded our latest paper "Koopman Spectrum Nonlinear Regulator and Provably Efficient Online Learning" to arXiv.
  • 06/2021 – JST AIP Challenge Program: Research fund (2021-2022). See here.
  • 12/2020 – Talked at NeurIPS Meetup Japan 2020.
  • 12/2020 – Our paper "Constraint Learning for Control Tasks with Limited Duration Barrier Functions" was accepted for publication to Automatica!
  • 10/2020 – Became a participant of "JST CREST project JPMJCR1913: Operator theoretic data analysis of complicated dynamics and its integrated utilization with mathematical models".
  • 10/2020 – Started advising STUDIO Inc..
  • 09/2020 – Our paper "Information Theoretic Regret Bounds for Online Nonlinear Control" was accepted at NeurIPS 2020! (project page)
  • 04/2020 – Became a member of the Japanese Graduate Student Association in the United States (JGSAU)!
  • 09/2019 – Moving to Seattle to start my Ph.D. study at the Paul G. Allen School of CS & E, University of Washington!
  • 06/2019 – A repayment exemption of the student loan for my M.S. study was granted by JASSO.
  • 06/2019 – Our paper "Barrier-Certified Adaptive Reinforcement Learning with Applications to Brushbot Navigation" published in IEEE Trans. Robotics. See Xplore.
  • 05/2019 – Wissner-Slivka Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Computer Science & Engineering: Fellowship for the Ph.D. study (2019-2020). See here. (I am very honored that I could personally talked to Ben Slivka; thank you for the generosity!)
  • 04/2019 – Funai Overseas Scholarship: Fellowship for the Ph.D. study (2020-2022). See here.
  • 03/2019 – Received the M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Royal Institute of Technology.
  • 03/2019 – Received the M.S. degree in Integrated Design Engineering from Keio University.

Brief Bio (CV is available here)

I am a Ph.D. student with the Paul G. Allen School of CS & E, University of Washington, Seattle, working with Prof. Emanuel Todorov and Prof. Sham Kakade. I also have worked at Sony AI America and NVIDIA as AI Research Intern.

Prior to my Ph.D. study, I was a research part-timer at the RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project, Tokyo, Japan.

I received the M.S. degree in electrical engineering from Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, in 2019, and the M.S. degree in integrated design engineering from Keio University, Tokyo, Japan, in 2019.

During my M.S. study, I was a Research Assistant with the Dept. Automatic Control, Royal Institute of Technology, and was a Visiting Researcher with the GRITS Lab, Georgia Institute of Technology, GA, USA, in 2017.

Technical interests/backgrounds

Embodied artificial intelligence (robotics), Control (safety, optimization, adaptive system), Dynamical systems theory, Machine learning (statistical analysis/algorithms, (deep) reinforcement learning, kernel methods, online learning), Universal Biology

Current/Past Advisors and Supervisors

Fabio Ramos (NVIDIA)
Thomas Walsh (Sony AI America)
James MacGlashan (Sony AI America)
Kaushik Subramanian (Sony AI America)
Emanuel Todorov (Paul G. Allen School of CS & E, University of Washington)
Sham Kakade (Paul G. Allen School of CS & E, University of Washington)
Magnus Egerstedt (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Masashi Sugiyama (RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project)
Yoshinobu Kawahara (JST CREST project JPMJCR1913)
Kenichi Bannai (RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project)
Mikael Johansson (Royal Institute of Technology)
Masahiro Yukawa (Keio University)