Course Projects

Project Course

* Designed an orbit transformation of cubesat towards an asteroid using low-thrust techniques

SD2920 System Integration for Space Technology, Part 1 (KTH)

Collaborators: Shuqi Xu and Mikael Andblom
* Learned how to model and solve problems by using GAMS;
* implemented the active-set method, the interior-point method for QP and the SQP (Matlab);
* implemented Projection Onto Convex Sets (POCS) and other methods based on the fixed point theory of class of nonexpansive mappings (Matlab);
* implemented Nonlinear MPC with SQP solver (Matlab)

SF2822 Applied Nonlinear Optimization (KTH)

Collaborators: Sylvain Potuaud and Beatrice Ionascu
* Coded self-organizing map, Hopfield, etc. (Matlab)

DD2432 Artificial Neural Networks and Other Learning Systems (KTH)

Collaborators: Shuqi Xu
* Proposed a hierarchical structure to multi-robots so that they can map and localize themselves efficiently and robustly;
* implemented the proposed EKF-based multi-robots SLAM by using the skeleton code offered by the course (Matlab)

EL2320 Applied Estimation (KTH)

Collaborators: Arvid Fahlström Myrman, Axel Riese, and Peter Langenberg
* Coded group factor analysis from scratch (Python)

DD2434 Machine Learning, Advanced Course (KTH)

Collaborators: Robin Maillot
* Built a robot that tracks colored circles using Arduino and Raspberry Pi (C, Python);
* made the robot detect human faces by using OpenCV;
* made Raspberry Pi send emails, receive commands via twitter, and fetch temperature information from websites (Python)

EL2222 Systems and Control in Practice (KTH)

* Coded deep learning from scratch, including back propagation, batch normalization, drop out, weight regularization and stochastic gradient decent (Matlab);
* Coded a recurrent neural network and trained it to learn excerpts from a novel and tweets

DD2424 Deep Learning in Data Science (KTH)



Japanese: Mother tongue
English: Advanced (March,2019 TOEFL iBT 107/120)
Chinese: Intermediate (Started learning in 2010)
Swedish: Beginner (Passed B1/B2 level at KTH)