Maarten Sap

Maarten Sap

I'm a PhD student at the University of Washington, advised by Noah Smith and Yejin Choi. I am interested in natural language processing (NLP) for social understanding. Specifically, how can NLP help us understand human behavior, and how can we endow NLP systems with social intelligence, social commonsense or theory of mind.
I'm also a part-time intern at AI2 on project Mosaic, working on social commonsense for artifical intelligence systems.



Introducing a knowledge graph for machine commonsense covering if-then inferential knowledge aroung everyday situations.

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We create a model and knowledge graph that enables commonsense inference on intents and reactions in relation to events.

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Social Commonsense in Short Stories

We create a new annotation framework of simple commonsense stories enabling reasoning about the mental states of its characters.

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Sounding Board

Winner of the 2017 Alexa Prize to further conversational AI, our approach is user-centric and content-driven.

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Power & Agency in movies

We create connotation frames of power and agency and use them to analyze gender bias in movies.