About me

I'm a final year PhD student in the University of Washington's natural language processing (NLP) group, advised by Noah Smith and Yejin Choi. My research focuses on how NLP can help us understand human behavior, and how we can endow NLP systems with social intelligence, social commonsense, or theory of mind.

During my years of graduate school, I have made it a priority to mentor undergraduate and master students, be engaged in service for both my academic and university-wide communities.


Michelle Ma (co-advised with Hannah Rashkin)2019 Fall - now
Xuhui Zhou (co-advised with Swabha Swayamdipta) 2019 Fall - now
Sam Gehman (co-advised with Suchin Gururangan) 2019 Fall - Summer 2020
Lanhao Wu (co-advised with Saadia Gabriel)2018 Winter - 2018 Spring
Kenta Takatsu2018 Summer - 2019 Winter
Zachary Horvitz (co-advised with Antoine Bosselut) 2018 Summer - 2019 Winter
Sarah Yu 2018 Spring
Boyan Li (co-advised with Saadia Gabriel)2018 Winter - 2018 Spring
Aishwarya Nirmal (co-advised with Tal August)2018 Winter - 2019 Spring
Amy Shah (co-advised with Elizabeth Clark)2017 Fall - 2018 Spring
Emily Allaway (co-advised with Hannah Rashkin)2017 Summer - 2018 Spring
Marcela Cindy Prasetio (co-advised with Hannah Rashkin)2016 Winter - 2017 Spring


Program Committee & Reviewing

I regularly review for our NLP conferences and workshops: Additionally, I've reviewed for several journals (in NLP and other fields):

Community & Service


I TA-ed the following courses at the University of Washington:
  • CSE 481: Natural Language Processing Capstone, Spring 2017
  • CSE 490U: Natural Language Processing, Spring 2016