Read a sentence fragment and label what you think the typical motivations and reactions would be to this event.

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Thanks for participating in this HIT! You will read a sentence fragment depicting an event. The names of specific people have been replaced by generic words (e.g. "PersonY", "PersonZ"). The fragment may also contain "___", a placeholder that can be an object, a person, and/or an action.

Think about why someone might cause or participate in this event and how they would typically feel after.


Below are examples:

Example Does PersonX cause this event? Why does PersonX cause this event? Does PersonX typically cause this event for positive or negative reasons? How does PersonX feel after this event? Are there people other than PersonX affected by this event? How do these other people feel after the event? Are the overall reactions to this event typically positive or negative?
PersonX gives PersonY ___ as a gift Yes to be nice, to show appreciation, because they like PersonY Positive satisfied, happy, good about themselves Yes (stated: PersonY) surprised, grateful, happy Positive
PersonX goes to the movies Yes to watch something interesting, to see friends, to go on a date Positive happy because the movie was good, excited, tired Yes (implied) also happy, satisfied Positive
PersonX takes the test Yes it's required, to do well in school, to get a good grade Positive nervous did badly, relieved its over, sad it was hard No N/A Negative
PersonX throws the ball at ___ Yes to play a game, to play catch Positive having fun, expectant for the ball back Yes (implied: ___) excited, enjoyment Positive
PersonX is very worried No N/A N/A worried, unhappy, nervous No N/A Negative
PersonX yells at the classroom Yes angry at students, frustrated, trying to get students' attention Negative still annoyed; tired of yelling Yes (implied) nervous, ashamed Negative



PersonX ${sentence}


1. Does this event make sense enough for you to answer questions 2-5?

(Or does it have too many meanings?)

 Yes, can answer
 No, can't answer or has too many meanings

Before the event

2. Does PersonX willingly cause this event?



After the event

3. How does PersonX typically feel after the event?

PersonX feels ...
[write a reaction]
[write another reaction - optional]
[write another reaction - optional]


4. Does this event affect people other than PersonX?

(e.g., PersonY, people included but not mentioned in the event)



5. Overall, how negative or positive are the reactions to this event?

Negative Neutral Positive


Optional Feedback: Thanks for filling out the questions above! If something about the hit was unclear, please leave a comment in the box below. We would like to make this HIT easier for future workers, so we really appreciate feedback though it is optional.