Read an event description and determine whether a word could describe the person doing the event.

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You will read a sentence fragment depicting an event, and be asked to determine if a word is a possible descriptions/attributes of the person doing it.

Events are short phrases possibly involving participants. The names of specific people have been replaced by generic words (e.g. PersonX, PersonY, PersonZ). PersonX is always the subject of the event. The phrase may also contain "___", a placeholder that can be an object, a person, and/or an action.

Your task is to determine whether the listed attribute makes sense, using the following guidelines:

  • For each event, think about how you would describe PersonX, based on their participation in the event.
  • For each description, think about what attributes PersonX might typically have. Adjectives will usually be appropriate.
  • Avoid descriptions of PersonX's feelings.

Notes on the events: some of the events may be figurative, and should not be taken literally
(e.g., "PersonX kills two birds with one stone" does *not* make PersonX "murderous")

Examples     (Expand/Collapse)

Event possible descriptions/attributes for PersonX:
PersonX is...
PersonX takes the test studious ✔
responsible ✔
intelligent ✔
PersonX goes to the movies bored
entertained ✔
social ✔
interested ✔
PersonX gives PersonY ___ as a gift thoughtful ✔
caring ✔
generous ✔
PersonX yells at the classroom absentminded
angry ✔
impatient ✔
mean ✔
PersonX is very worried anxious ✔
paranoid ✔
neurotic ✔
PersonX draws the line skilled
strong ✔
clear ✔




1) During the event, PersonX is: "${xAtt0}" — Is this a possible attribute to describe PersonX during the event "${event}"?

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