Power and Agency in modern films
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Read our project page for more information, or read our paper:
Maarten Sap, Marcella Cindy Prasetio, Ari Holtzman, Hannah Rashkin, &Yejin Choi (2017). Connotation Frames of Power and Agency in Modern Films. EMNLP [view pdf]

How did we make these graphs?
Does this mean this movie is terrible?

This demo showcases our power and agency measuring tool ("connotation frames"). For each movie listed in the drop-down menu, we ran our tool on the full movie script (aka the screenplay). We automatically find characters and their gender (Note: the method used only detects female/male character, we acknowledge that this is an over-simplification since gender lies on a spectrum). For each movie, we aggregate how much power and agency each character is portrayed with, giving us scores for all male characters and all female characters.

To get a more holistic view of character portrayals, we look at two parts of the movie scripts: narration and dialogue. Narration consists of scene and character descriptions, as well as stage directions. This usually informs us about what each character's role is, what they do, etc. Dialogue is the lines spoken by each character, i.e. how they express themselves.

Short answer ... no.

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