Emailing Noah Smith

I spend a lot of time reading and writing email. I wish I had more time for advising my students, learning new things, thinking about my research, and writing papers. Every message I take the time to read chips away at that time; please respect this fact when writing to me.

(If you're not sure how to email, or you're finding that emailing professors is not getting you the results you want, consider reading this article on how to email or these tips.)

Prof. Hajishirzi and I are hiring a postdoc! Details are here; don't email, just apply!

Here is a quick, imperfect guide to emailing me.

Please email me if:

I will do my best to reply promptly. Students have called me an Email Ninja, but I make no promises.

Please do not email me if:

If you are an undergraduate or masters student enrolled at UW and would like to work on research with my group, please watch here for a link to a challenge problem. I normally post a problem quarterly, usually about a month before the quarter starts (so expect something in February for spring, May for summer, August for autumn, and November for winter), with a deadline. Here is a recent example.

In general, I encourage you to apply if: For summer 2018, I will not be taking new undergraduate/masters research advisees, due to a busy travel schedule and various new commitments. Please check back for the autumn challenge problem in August.