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Nelson Liu Nelson Liu
University of Washington
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Twitter: @nelsonfliu
GitHub: nelson-liu

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About Me

I'm an undergraduate at the University of Washington, where I'm studying computer science and linguistics. I work on research as a member of Noah's ARK, and I am advised by Noah Smith. I'm interested in natural language processing and machine learning.

Outside of work I enjoy contributing to open source and just programming for fun. Beyond computer-related things, I like hiking, photography, and attempting to cook.

Thanks to the support of my research mentors, I was fortunate to begin working on research early in my undergraduate career. I’m happy to help ambitious undergraduate students interested in NLP or machine learning (especially those at UW) get started with research---please get in touch!



During summer 2017, I was a research intern in the USC/Information Sciences Institute natural language group. I worked with Kevin Knight and Jonathan May on low-resource neural machine translation and language-independent translation of out-of-vocabulary words.

During winter 2017, I was a research intern at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2), where I worked with Matt Gardner on transfer learning for neural reading comprehension models.

During the summer of 2016, I participated in the Google Summer of Code, and I worked with the scikit-learn project.


I love working on open source, and my code is on Github.

I use GPG (mostly for signing commits), here are my keys

I make a blog post once in a blue moon, but I'm working on increasing the frequency.