David Notkin and Cathy Tuttle: Sabbatical Stories

During our sabbaticals, Cathy and I have written a set of stories about our experiences.   Embarrassingly, these stories seem to be read more than any of my professional publications.

And our breaking travelblog for Sweden!

japanflag.gif (1066 bytes)  1990-1991

Welcome to Tokyo
Life in Tokyo
Sentos, Yokohama & the Matsumotos
Cathy and David go to a Love Hotel
Morning Glories, Big Boy, and Baseball
Fuji, Football, Frogs, Fireworks
Good-bye Tokyo, Hello Osaka
Parties, Catholics, Ireland, etc.
Naomi Gets Married
Autumn Excursions (Spas, Sento, and Wara)
Bonuses and Bonenkai
Happy New Year!
Shin-nen-kai and Matsumoto-san Visits Kansai
Sumo, Bikes, Ninja and Buckets
Pocky's and Other Food for Thought

israelflag.gif (1201 bytes) japanflag.gif (1066 bytes)  1997-98

Shalom, Israel!
Chicken-in-a-Basket, Howard Johnson's and Thanksgiving
Proteksia, Bureaucracy, and The Strike
Houses, Gas Masks and Guns
Next Year in Jerusalem

Shalom and Sayonara

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