David Notkin: Graduate Students

My philosophy about working with students is taken from my adviser, Nico Habermann: 

"Focus on the students, since graduating great students means you'll produce great research, while focusing on the research may or may not produce great students."

Nico's influence along with the fantastic students I've been fortunate enough to work with are what made it possible for me to win the 2000 University of Washington Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award.

Here is a copy of an email message I sent to my students before they attended their first software engineering conference (very mildly edited). 

Nico Habermann

Current Students



Ph.D. Students


M.S. Students

  • Owen Beckley
  • Jake Cockrell
  • Lea Fester
  • Dennis Gentry
  • Kimiko Gosney
  • J. Frits Habermann
  • Michael Hanson
  • Yasushi Kambayashi
  • Erica Lan
  • William Mains
  • Tomson McCabe
  • Robert Mitchell
  • Marianne Mueller
  • Mark Niehaus
  • Bruce Oberg
  • Richard Schulte
  • Peter Sparks
  • Sharon Tuttle


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