Workshop on Architectural Research Prototyping

Prototyping architectures is a non-trivial endeavor. Significant investment in time and dollars is required. This half-day workshop is intended as a forum for the builders in our community to share their practical on-the-ground experiences, to provide a status update on their progress, and to convey insights for those considering prototyping their ideas. Talks that address the following subjects are encouraged:

Contributions are encouraged from all members of the architecture community, including those considering embarking on a prototyping effort (as well as those who strongly disagree with the need to build prototypes). Submitted abstracts do not need to necessarily address the points above, but may instead simply discuss the prototype and provide a brief update on its current status. The organizers of the workshop will be in contact with the submission authors to follow up on what sort of content they would be interested in presenting.

Organizers: Mark Oskin & Doug Burger

Submission instructions:

The authors of accepted abstracts will be asked to give a brief talk at the workshop. There will be no formal proceedings, however, slides will be posted on the web (i.e. HotChips style).

Brief Program schedule: (Sunday morning)

Full Program (with abstracts)