CSE143X: Accelerated CSE142/CSE143

In autumn of 2021 the CSE Department will offer an introductory course known as CSE143X. It is an accelerated alternative that covers the material from both CSE142 and CSE143 in one quarter.

The 143x course is intended primarily for three kinds of students:

  • a student with significant programming experience in another programming language who needs to learn Java syntax and Java constructs but who already knows a good deal about programming
  • a student who picks up programming more quickly than the standard pace of the CSE142/CSE143 sequence
  • a student who is able to put in a significant amount of time and effort to be able to complete this material in one quarter

The course will not assume any particular knowledge of Java constructs, so everything will be covered. But all of the topics will be covered at a fast pace. As a result, this course is not a good choice for students who struggle with programming even if they have prior programming experience. It would, however, be a good choice for a student who has no prior programming experience but who is good at mathematical problem solving.

Students who take CSE143X will not get credit for CSE142, but this is usually not a problem. Students should check with their own department for verification, but normally any version of CSE143 is considered sufficient for a course or degree program that requires the CSE142/CSE143 sequence.

The lectures this fall will be given MWF 3:30-4:20 PM with discussion sections on TTh at various times.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is this course a good choice if I took CSE142 or AP/CS A or another equivalent course and I want to brush up on my Java skills?
CSE143X is not, in general, a good choice for students who have taken CSE142 or who have gotten a score of 4 or 5 on the AP/CS A exam. If a student has mastered the CSE142 material, then they are much better off taking regular CSE143. If they have not mastered the CSE142 material, then they should consider retaking CSE142 rather than attempting the accelerated course.

Q: Will there be an honors section associated with 143X?
A: Yes. There will be combined honors sections with students from both 143 and 143X

Q: Will it be more difficult to get a good grade in 143X?
A: No. The goal is to make grading consistent between 142/143 and 143X. We don't want to penalize a student for choosing to take the accelerated version. If 143X attracts a high-powered group of students, then it will have a different grade distribution with more high grades.

Q: Which version should I take if I want to be admitted to CSE?
A: As far as admission goes, taking 143X is equivalent to taking the 142/143 sequence and the grade in 143X will be treated the same as the grade in 143. So it should not affect admission one way or the other. Choose the course that is the best fit for you. If you will enjoy the faster pace, then take 143X. If you would prefer to take it at the normal pace, then take 142/143. You're more likely to do better in the course that you are enjoying.

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