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twitter: @labinthewild
office: Paul G. Allen Center 594


I'm Katharina (pronounced Cat-er-eena) and an Associate Professor in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington where I direct the Wildlab. I'm also affiliated with the Department of Human-Centered Design and Engineering and I'm part of the DUB group here at UW.

My research in Human-Computer Interaction aims at developing technology that is equally usable and useful for everyone. My lab explores how technology can be biased against people around the globe who are unlike the small groups of people that created it. My lab's work has shown that commonly used technology, from online communities to scheduling software and MOOCs is often less usable, understandable, trustworthy, visually appealing, and engaging for people from non-Western countries and for people who deviate in their values, language, age, education level, or abilities from the average developer in Western technology hubs. We often use our virtual lab, the LabintheWild, to study these issues at large scale, and then build systems that help designers, developers, and researchers to better support the needs and perspectives of diverse people. Check out some of our projects below!

Our research is currently funded by the National Science Foundation, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Facebook, and the Vaccine Confidence Fund.

I usually teach Computer Ethics and Human-Computer Interaction.

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New and Newsworthy

  • » New funding from the Vaccine Confidence Fund to work on scientific information on social media (with Gary Hsieh, UW HCDE, and Joshua Liao, UW Medicine)!
  • » New Google Research Scholar Award!
  • » New NSF award on predicting unintended consequences of technology!
  • » Excited to have received a Facebook gift to work on perceptions of Internet-based technologies among rural and urban Americans together with Kurtis Heimerl
  • » Promoted to associate professor with tenure!
  • » New Adobe Data Science Research Award!