I have the pleasure to work with an amazing team:

Tal August (PhD student, co-advised with Noah Smith)
Qisheng Li (PhD student)
Ather Sharif (PhD student, co-advised with Jake Wobbrock)
Spencer Williams (PhD student, co-advised with Gary Hsieh)
Yuren "Rock" Pang (PhD student, co-advised with Rene Just)
Katherine Juarez (PhD student)
Sebastin Santy (PhD student)
Nigini A. Oliveira (research scientist)
Jackson Stokes (masters student)
Anita Silva (undergraduate student)
Elizabeth Castillo (undergraduate/REU student)

Together we work with many other collaborators in academia and industry, which you will frequently see appearing in the author lists of our publications.

Alumni PhD Student and master students

Judith Yaaqoubi, PhD, co-advised with Sean Munson, now at Microsoft
Kyle Thayer, PhD, co-advised with Amy Ko, now faculty at UW iSchool

Maria Tracy (masters student, now at Amazon)
Josie Lee (masters student)
Lior Levy (masters student)
Christina Zhang (masters student)

Information for Prospective PhD Students

If you are interested to apply as a PhD student, you can do this here. Feel free to reach out to me via email before you apply, but make sure to mention why you are interested in our lab. I'm unlikely to respond to generic emails.

Information for Undergraduate Students

If you are interested in being part of an ongoing or new research project, please write me an email detailing your experience in developing technologies, doing research (if applicable), and how you think you will contribute to existing or new projects. Please know that I'm unable to accept any requests from students who are not currently enrolled at the University of Washington.