General course policies

Honesty Policy

Except for clearly labeled group submissions, all homeworks and projects in a course are to be done by you and you alone. Violation will result in an immediate F grade and possible initiation of formal procedures. We use automated techniques and manual checks to correlate submissions.

At the same time, we encourage students to help each other learn the course material. As in most courses, there is a boundary separating these two situations. You are allowed to consult with other students in the current class to help you understand the material or homework/project requirements (i.e., the problem definition). However, you may not collaborate in any way when constructing your solution: the solution to an individual homework/project must be prepared by you working alone. In particular, you are not allowed to collaboratively work out a detailed solution to the extent that your submissions are identifiably similar.

If you have any questions as to what constitutes unacceptable collaboration, please talk to the instructor right away. You are expected to exercise reasonable precautions in protecting your own work.

Please refer to the following website for additional information.


If you require any special services or accommodations during a course please make sure to inform us within the first week of that course. This will give us time to plan accordingly to ensure that you get the help and support you need.