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  Modeling and Searching for Noncoding RNA
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These lectures are part of the 2010 GENOME 540 / GENOME 541 course series, Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology.

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Required Reading:

  1. Durbin, Richard and Eddy, Sean R. and Krogh, Anders and Mitchison, Graeme, "Biological Sequence Analysis: Probabilistic models of proteins and nucleic acids," Cambridge, 1998. Sections 9.5-9.7 and Chapter 10.
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  1. J Gorodkin, IL Hofacker, E Torarinsson, Z Yao, JH Havgaard, WL Ruzzo, "De novo prediction of structured RNAs from genomic sequences." Trends Biotechnol., 28, #1 (2010) 9-19. [offcampus]

Optional Reading: Additional background on various of the topics I touched.

    Reviews: Some reviews about non-coding RNAs in general

    1. G Storz, "An expanding universe of noncoding RNAs." Science, 296, #5571 (2002) 1260-3. [offcampus]
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    Riboswitches: Some of the 222 (as of 5/17/2009) papers in Pubmed with this keyword.

    1. JE Barrick, RR Breaker, "The distributions, mechanisms, and structures of metabolite-binding riboswitches." Genome Biol., 8, #11 (2007) R239. [offcampus]
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    Other Bacterial ncRNA: Recent transcriptomic evidence for widespread ncRNA in bacteria

    1. JM Liu, J Livny, MS Lawrence, MD Kimball, MK Waldor, A Camilli, "Experimental discovery of sRNAs in Vibrio cholerae by direct cloning, 5S/tRNA depletion and parallel sequencing." Nucleic Acids Res., 37, #6 (2009) e46. [offcampus]

    RNA Folding: Single sequence secondary structure prediction

    1. SR Eddy, "How do RNA folding algorithms work?" Nat. Biotechnol., 22, #11 (2004) 1457-8. [offcampus]
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    Comparison: Surveys and comparisons of RNA alignment and structure prediction

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    CMs: The fundamentals of covariance models (in addition to Durbin, et al. above)

    1. SR Eddy, R Durbin, "RNA sequence analysis using covariance models." Nucleic Acids Res., 22, #11 (1994) 2079-88. [offcampus]
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    CM Details: Some algorithmic details

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    Rfam: The RNA family data base. A great resource for work in this area

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    Pfold, RNAz, and EvoFold: Some of the better comparative folding programs; for aligned sequences

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    CM Filters: My student's work on accelerating CM searches

    1. Z Weinberg, WL Ruzzo, "Faster Genome Annotation of Non-coding RNA Families Without Loss of Accuracy." Eighth Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology (RECOMB 2004) , pp 243-251, March 2004, San Diego, CA. Preprint.
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    CM Inference: My students' work on inference of CM motifs from unaligned sequences

    1. Z Yao, Z Weinberg, WL Ruzzo, "CMfinder--a covariance model based RNA motif finding algorithm." Bioinformatics, 22, #4 (2006) 445-52. [offcampus]

    Applications: Two of the biological examples I discussed. The interplay between computational and experimental approaches is probably clearer in the 6S papers, and the differences in the approaches/results are also interesting.

    1. M Mandal, M Lee, JE Barrick, Z Weinberg, GM Emilsson, WL Ruzzo, RR Breaker, "A glycine-dependent riboswitch that uses cooperative binding to control gene expression." Science, 306, #5694 (2004) 275-9. [offcampus]
    2. JE Barrick, N Sudarsan, Z Weinberg, WL Ruzzo, RR Breaker, "6S RNA is a widespread regulator of eubacterial RNA polymerase that resembles an open promoter." RNA, 11, #5 (2005) 774-84. [offcampus]
    3. AE Trotochaud, KM Wassarman, "A highly conserved 6S RNA structure is required for regulation of transcription." Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol., 12, #4 (2005) 313-9. [offcampus]
    4. DK Willkomm, J Minnerup, A Hüttenhofer, RK Hartmann, "Experimental RNomics in Aquifex aeolicus: identification of small non-coding RNAs and the putative 6S RNA homolog." Nucleic Acids Res., 33, #6 (2005) 1949-60. [offcampus]

    A Tangent: More on the 6S story; not particularly computational, but interesting: not only does 6S mimic an open promoter, it's apparently sometimes a transcription template.

    1. N Gildehaus, T Neusser, R Wurm, R Wagner, "Studies on the function of the riboregulator 6S RNA from E. coli: RNA polymerase binding, inhibition of in vitro transcription and synthesis of RNA-directed de novo transcripts." Nucleic Acids Res., 35, #6 (2007) 1885-96. [offcampus]
    2. KM Wassarman, RM Saecker, "Synthesis-mediated release of a small RNA inhibitor of RNA polymerase." Science, 314, #5805 (2006) 1601-3. [offcampus]
    3. KM Wassarman, "6S RNA: a small RNA regulator of transcription." Curr. Opin. Microbiol., 10, #2 (2007) 164-8. [offcampus]

    More Applications: Additional examples of computational searches, mainly aimed at riboswitches and similar cis-regulatory elements

    1. Z Yao, J Barrick, Z Weinberg, S Neph, R Breaker, M Tompa, WL Ruzzo, "A computational pipeline for high- throughput discovery of cis-regulatory noncoding RNA in prokaryotes." PLoS Comput. Biol., 3, #7 (2007) e126. [offcampus]
    2. Z Weinberg, JE Barrick, Z Yao, A Roth, JN Kim, J Gore, JX Wang, ER Lee, KF Block, N Sudarsan, S Neph, M Tompa, WL Ruzzo, RR Breaker, "Identification of 22 candidate structured RNAs in bacteria using the CMfinder comparative genomics pipeline." Nucleic Acids Res., 35, #14 (2007) 4809-19. [offcampus]
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    RNAs with backbones: Recent genome-scale searches in vertebrates.

    1. JS Pedersen, G Bejerano, A Siepel, K Rosenbloom, K Lindblad-Toh, ES Lander, J Kent, W Miller, D Haussler, "Identification and classification of conserved RNA secondary structures in the human genome." PLoS Comput. Biol., 2, #4 (2006) e33. [offcampus]
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