SyntheticBiology@UW 2013
January 21, 2013 (MLK day)


Our goal is to get the University of Washington and the entire Seattle community talking, collaborating, sharing visions, and devising strategies about the future of synthetic biology and UW's role in it. Ultimately, we hope to emerge from the workshop with a clear vision and many ideas for collaborations, funding, education, and community building.


The workshop will be held at the in the South Foege Building (3720 15th Ave NE, Seattle WA 98195) at the University of Washington, Seattle WA. Talks are in the Foege Auditorium (GNOM S060), lunch will be served at the Vista Cafe (GNOM S130).


8:30 Coffee / pastries (outside Foege auditorium)
9:00 Engineering the composition and fate of wild insect populations
Bruce Hay (Caltech)
9:30 Engineering Multicell Behaviors in Bacteria and Yeast
Eric Klavins (UW EE)
10:00 Designing RNA-based genetic control systems for applied synthetic biology
James Carothers (UW ChemE)
10:30 Break
11:00 Predictive control of E. coli gene expression dynamics using light
Jeff Tabor (Rice)
11:30 Organelle deterioration with age: The limits of an interconnected cellular system
Dan Gottschling (FHCRC)
12:00 Randomized BioBrick assembly and the evolutionary stability of genetic circuits
Sean Sleight (UW BioE)
12:30 Lunch and poster session (Vista Cafe)
2:00 Harnessing signaling modules to engineer cellular behavior in space and time
Wendell Lim (UCSF)
2:30 Evolution of incipient cooperation: pleiotropy creates win-win phenotypes that directly benefit self and partner
Wenying Shou (FHCRC)
3:00 Towards design of new therapeutics and materials
David Baker (UW Biochem)