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CSE477 - Hardware Capstone - Spring 2014

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CSE 477 - Digital System Design (Hardware Capstone) - Spring 2014

Instructor Information
Prof. Shwetak N. Patel
Office: CSE 540
email: shwetak (AT) cs [d0t] washington [d0t] edu
Office hours: Wednesday 10:30am-11am (and by appointment)

TA: Tien Lee
Office: CSE 507
email: tienlee (AT) u [d0t] washington [d0t] edu
Office hours: Monday 2:00pm-3:00pm (and by appointment)

Course Information and Syllabus:
Lecture Time: Wednesday, 1:30-3:20pm
Location: EEB 045

Lab Time: Tuesday, 2:30-5:20pm
Lab Location: CSE 003E

class email: cse477a_sp14 (AT) uw [d0t] edu

Course Description:
CSE477 (5): Digital System Design (aka Hardware Capstone aka Embedded Systems Capstone). Unlike your traditional lecture-based CSE courses, you will be asked to work in groups on a single project that parallels the experience of working for a real company or customer. Students will prototype and build a substantial project that mixes hardware, software, and communication components.  Lectures will be very limited and will likely be on topics relating to advance prototyping, emerging components and platforms, case studies, and other topics of interest to the class. Prerequisites: CSE 466 and/or EE 472.

Course Goals:

  • To gain appreciation for the interaction between hardware and software in embedded system design.
  • To experience the development of a complete product from design to implementation.
  • To present design goals and decisions as well as implementation results in both verbal presentation and written documentation.
  • To have you work in a larger team than in the past to learn about coordinating such groups.


Students will be evaluated based on their commitment to the project (1/2) and the project outcome (1/2). The commitment to the project includes timely weekly project reports, showing effort, and peer evaluations. Project outcome will constitute the quality of your reports, deliverables, and demo.  Thus, your grade will reflect the work perceived by the instructor, the TA, your fellow students (both within and outside your group), and any mentors. You will be constantly given feedback in the class as to your progress, so you will know where you stand. Please notify the instructor of any team issues early!


You will be able to use CSE 003E as your lab space. Please select a bench and use it for the entire quarter. Every team is required to have a weekly meeting with the instructor and TA, which will occur during the weekly lab time (Tuesdays 2:30-5:20 PM).

Groups of 3 (in some cases 4) will be formed for you based on skill set and area preference, but you will be able to make requests for partners (we cannot accommodate all request, however).

It is recommended that roles be assigned to each team member (group leader, treasurer, documenter, etc) so as to split up some of the weekly chores. There will be some presentations and written deliverables throughout the quarter (see Deliverables).

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