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CSE 590P - Ubiquitous Computing (PMP) - Spring 2015


Class Schedule:

UCF = Ubiquitous Computing Fundamentals - CRC Press

Date        Topics/Readings Assignments
Mar. 31

Class Introduction and Overview

History and Vision of Ubicomp [slides]

Introduction to Android Development

A0 out

A1 out

Apr. 7

History and Vision of Ubicomp (cont.)

  • UCF - Chapter 1
  • Mark Weiser. The Computer for the 21st Century, Scientific American, September 1991, pp. 94-104. [Color Copy, HTML copy]
  • Satyanarayanan, M., "A catalyst for mobile and ubiquitous computing," Pervasive Computing, IEEE , vol.1, no.1, pp.2-5, Jan-Mar 2002 [link]
  • Mark Weiser. The Coming Age of Calm Technology. [HTML copy]
    Mark Weiser. "Some Computer Science Problems in Ubiquitous Computing." Communications of the ACM, July 1993. [HTML copy]
    Abowd, G.D.; Mynatt, E.D.; Rodden, T., "The human experience of ubiquitous computing," Pervasive Computing, IEEE , vol.1, no.1, pp. 48-57, Jan-Mar 2002 [link]
    [Optional: Interesting book on Ubicomp] Adam Greenfield. Everyware: The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing. New Riders Publishing. 2006.

Mobile Phone Sensors, Sampling, and Processing

A0 due

A2 out

Apr. 14

Application Themes and Ubicomp as an Industry

  • What Next, Ubicomp? Celebrating an Intellectual Disappearing Act. Gregory Abowd. Proc. UbiComp 2012. [link]
  • Abowd, G. D., & Mynatt, E. D. (2000). Charting Past, Present, and Future Research in Ubiquitous Computing. ACM TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTER HUMAN INTERACTION. 7, 29-58. [link]
  • Stanford, V., "Using pervasive computing to deliver elder care," Pervasive Computing, IEEE , vol.1, no.1, pp. 10-13, Jan-Mar 2002 [link]
  • Consolvo, S., Roessler, R., and Shelton, B. (2004). The CareNet Display: Lessons Learned from an In Home Evaluation of an Ambient Display. In Proceedings of Ubicomp 2004. [link]
3D Printing (Fused deposition modeling), Prototyping [slides]

A1 due


Apr. 21

Location Tracking

  • UCF - Chapter 7 [link]
  • Hightower, J., & Borriello, G. (2001). COVER - Location Systems for Ubiquitous Computing. Computer. 34 (8), 57. [link]
  • Patel, S.N., Truong, K.N., and Abowd, G.D. PowerLine Positioning: A Practical Sub-Room-Level Indoor Location System for Domestic Use. In the Proceedings of Ubicomp 2006. 2006. pp 441-458. [link]
  • LaMarca, A., Chawathe, T., Consolvo, S., Hightower, J., Smith, I., Scott, J., Sohn, T., Howard, J., Hughes, J., Potter, F., Tabert, J., Powledge, P., Borriello, G., and Schilit, B. 2005. Placelab: Device Positioning Using Radio Beacons in the Wild. Proc. In the Proceedings of Pervasive 2005. [link]

Software Radio [slides, recorded lecture part 1, part 2]


A2 due

A3 out

Apr. 28

Activity Sensing and Sensors

  • Vijay Srinivasan, Saeed Moghaddam, Abhishek Mukherji, Kiran K. Rachuri, Chenren Xu, and Emmanuel Munguia Tapia. 2014. MobileMiner: mining your frequent patterns on your phone. In Proceedings of Ubicomp 2014. [link]
  • Patterson, D., Liao, L., Fox, D. and Kautz, H. 2003. Inferring high-level behavior from low-level sensors. In the Proceedings of 2003 pp. 73-89. [link]
  • Partridge, K. and Golle, P. On Using Existing Time-Use Study Data for Ubiquitous Computing Applications. In the Proceedings of Ubicomp 2008. [link]
  • Patel, S.N., Reynolds, M.S., Abowd, G.D. Detecting Human Movement by Differential Air Pressure Sensing in HVAC System Ductwork: An Exploration in Infrastructure Mediated Sensing. In the Proceedings of Pervasive 2008. pp 1-18. [link]
  • Stacey Kuznetsov, William Odom, James Pierce, Eric Paulos. Nurturing Natural Sensors. In the Proceedings of Ubicomp 2011 [link].
  • Liao, L., Patterson, D.J., Fox, D., and Kautz, H. Learning and Inferring Transportation Routines. Artificial Intelligence 2007. [link]

A4 out
May 5


Health Technologies

  • Ravichandran, R., Saba, E., Chen, K., Goel, M., Gupta, S., Patel, S.N. (2015). WiBreathe: Estimating Respiration Rate Using Wireless Signals in Natural Settings in the Home. IEEE PerCom 2015 [link]
  • S. Consolvo, D. W. McDonald, T. Toscos, M. Chen, J.E. Froehlich, B. Harrison, P. Klasnja, A. LaMarca, L. LeGrand, R. Libby, I. Smith & J. A. Landay. Activity Sensing in the Wild: A Field Trial of UbiFit Garden, CHI 2008. [link]
  • Hong Lu, Denise Frauendorfer, Mashfiqui Rabbi, Marianne Schmid Mast, Gokul T. Chittaranjan, Andrew T. Campbell, Daniel Gatica-Perez, and Tanzeem Choudhury. StressSense: detecting stress in unconstrained acoustic environments using smartphones. Ubicomp 2012. [link]
  • Eric C. Larson, Mayank Goel, Gaetano Borriello, Sonya Heltshe, Margaret Rosenfeld, Shwetak N. Patel. SpiroSmart: using a microphone to measure lung function on a mobile phone. UbiComp 2012. [link]
  • Lilian de Greef, Mayank Goel, Min Joon Seo, Eric C. Larson, James W. Stout, James A. Taylor, Shwetak N. Patel: Bilicam: using mobile phones to monitor newborn jaundice. UbiComp 2014. [link]
  • Weixi Gu, Zheng Yang, Longfei Shangguan, Wei Sun, Kun Jin, Yunhao Liu: Intelligent sleep stage mining service with smartphones. UbiComp 2014. [link]
  • Hayes, G. R., J.A. Kientz, K.N. Truong, D.R. White, G.D. Abowd, and T. Pering. Designing Capture Applications to Support the Education of Children with Autism. Ubicomp 2004. [link]


Microcontrollers and Sensors [slides]

A3 due

May 12


Input Techniques

  • Summary articles [Mobile Input, Gestures, On the Go Interaction]
  • UCF - Chapter 6
  • Dietz, P. and Leigh, D. 2001. DiamondTouch: a multi-user touch technology. In Proceedings of User interface Software and Technology (UIST) 2001. pp. 19-226. [link]
  • Schwesig, C., Poupyrev, I., and Mori, E. 2004. Gummi: a bendable computer. In CHI 2004. pp. 263-270. [link]
  • Rekimoto, J. 2008. Organic interaction technologies: from stone to skin. Commun. ACM 51, 6. Jun. 2008. pp 38-44. [link]
  • Harrison, C., Tan, D. Morris, D. 2010. Skinput: Appropriating the Body as an Input Surface. In Proceedings of CHI 2010. [link]

Wearable Computing

  • Lyons, K. Everyday Wearable Computer Use: A Case Study of an Expert User. In the proceedings of Mobile HCI 2003. [link]
  • Oliver Amft, Paul Lukowicz: From Backpacks to Smartphones: Past, Present, and Future of Wearable Computers, IEEE Pervasive Computing, vol. 8, no. 3, pp. 8-13, July-Sept. 2009. [link]
  • Starner, T. Wearable computers: no longer science fiction. Pervasive Computing, IEEE , vol.1, no.1, pp. 86-88, Jan-Mar 2002. [link

Microcontrollers and Sensors (cont.)

A4 due (just 3d model)

A5 out

May 19


Smart Homes

  • Sarah Mennicken, Jo Vermeulen, and Elaine M. Huang. From Today's Augmented Houses to Tomorrow's Smart Homes: New Directions for Home Automation Research. Ubicomp 2014. [link]
  • Rayoung Yang and Mark W. Newman. Learning from a learning thermostat: lessons for intelligent systems for the home. Ubicomp 2013. [link]
  • Edwards, W.K. and R.E. Grinter. At Home with Ubiquitous Computing: Seven Challenges. Ubicomp 2001. [link
  • Gatech Aware Home [link]

Connected Home Technology Show and Tell
  • Disecting connected home technologies

May 26


Low-power, Wireless Power, and Power Harvesting

  • Powering wireless sensor nodes with ambient temperature changes. Zhao, C., Yisrael, S., Smith, J., Patel, S.N. UbiComp 2014. [link]
  • Paradiso, J.A. and Starner, T. Energy Scavenging for Mobile and Wireless Electronics. IEEE Pervasive Computing, Vol. 4, No. 1, February 2005, pp. 18-27. [link]
  • Smith, J.R., Sample, A., Powledge, P., Mamishev, A., Roy, S. A wirelessly powered platform for sensing and computation. In the Proceedings of Ubicomp 2006. pp. 495-506. [link]
  • Yun, J., Patel, S.N., Reynolds, M.S., Abowd, G.D. A quantitative investigation of inertial power harvesting for human-powered devices. In the Proceedings of Ubicomp 2008. pp 74-83. [link]
  • Starner, T., Field mice: Human-powered wearable computing. IBM Systems Journal. Volume 35, Issue 3, 1996. [HTML copy]
  • Cohn, G., Stuntebeck, E., Pandey, J., Otis, B., Abowd, G.D., and Patel, S.N. SNUPI: Sensor Nodes Utilizing Powerline Infrastructure. In the Proceedings of Ubicomp 2010. [link]



Jun. 2

Security and Privacy

  • UCF - Chapter 3
  • Iachello, G. and Abowd, G. D. 2005. Privacy and proportionality: adapting legal evaluation techniques to inform design in ubiquitous computing. In the proceedings of CHI 2005. pp 91-100. [link]
  • Hong, J. I., Ng, J. D., Lederer, S., and Landay, J. A. 2004. Privacy risk models for designing privacy-sensitive ubiquitous computing systems. In the proceedings of Designing interactive Systems (DIS) 2004. [link] 
  • Koscher, K., Czeskis, A., Roesner, F., Patel, S., Kohno, T., Checkoway, S., McCoy, D., Kantor, B., Anderson, D., Shacham, H., Savage, S. Experimental Security Analysis of a Modern Automobile. In the Proceedings of the 31st IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy. [link]
Class Wrap-up


A4 due (printed part)

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