EE 472 Embedded Microcomputer Systems - Fall 2011


EE 472 Embedded Microcomputer Systems - Fall 2011

Instructor Information
Prof. Shwetak N. Patel
Office: CSE 540
email: shwetak (AT) cs [d0t] washington [d0t] edu
Office hours: Wednesday, 10am-11am.

Morgan Redfield, morgar (AT) u [d0t] washington [d0t] edu
Office hours (EE 345): Tuesday and Thursday, 4pm-6pm

Volunteer TA:
Andrew Karpenko, akarpy (AT) u [d0t] washington [d0t] edu
Office hours (EE 345): Monday and Wednesday, 5pm-7pm

Course Information:
Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 12:30pm-2:20pm
Lecture: MGH 271
Lab: EE 345

class email: ee472a_au11 (AT) u [d0t] washington [d0t] edu

Course Description:
EE 472 Embedded Microcomputer Systems(5) is an introductory course in the specification, design, development, and test of real-time embedded system software. We will use the Atmel SAM7 (Arm 7) microcomputer, an integrated C / Assembler development environment, and a real-time operating system to first study and develop the major elements of an embedded system. We will then integrate these pieces into a complete working system in the laboratory. The main concepts in this class will translate to any major embedded systems platform.

Example topics include the following:
-C programming
-Memory and pointers
-Addressing modes; instruction set; translators
-Program design
-Basic I/O 
-Serial communication
-Networking (TCP/IP)
-Interrupts and timers
-Resource sharing


  • You must have completed two quarters of programming in Java or C.
  • Basic understanding of computer organization and architecture.
  • Understanding and use of electronic lab instrumentation.



  • EE 472 Note Pack - Supplements the text book and any in-class notes
  • Embedded Systems - A Contemporary Design Tool, Peckol, James K., John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2008
  • We will also use material provided on this website 

Supplemental Text:

  • Operating Systems Concepts, Silberschatz, Abraham and Galvan, Peter B., Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., 1994
  • Fundamentals of Data Structures, Horwitz, Ellis and Sani, Sartaj, W. H. Freeman & Company,1995
  • The Practical Guide to Structured Systems Design, Page-Jones, Meilir, Yourdon Press, 1988
  • C A Reference Manual, Harbison and Steele, Prentice Hall, 1995.
  • The Joy of C, Miller, Lawrence H. and Quilici, Alexander F., John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1997
  • An Embedded Software Primer, David E. Simon, Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., 2000.
  • Structured Computer Organization, 4th ed., Andrew Tanenbaum, Prentice Hall, 1999.
  • Real Time Systems Analysis, Phillip A. Laplante, John Wiley; ISBN: 0471228559; 3rd edition April 2004.  

Reading and Lecture:

Students are responsible for the assigned readings in the text and for all material on the course web site. Text readings should be completed before the lecture listed in the schedule. Supplemental notes are provided for your use to maximize your retention of lecture material but you are responsible for all lecture material whether it appears in the on-line notes or not. We will also be spending some lecture days in the lab for tutorials and other hands on exercises.


Grade Book 




Past class videos: EE 472 - Winter 2011

Picture, videos, and interviews posted by students

This quarter we used the ARM 7 Make platform and the Parrot AR Drones


 Videos from the final projects:











Acknowledgments go to Jim Peckol and Blake Hannaford. Portions of this site have been adapted from their previous offerings of EE 472.

Portions of this EE 472 Site may be reprinted or adapted for academic nonprofit purposes, providing the source is accurately quoted and credited. The EE 472 Site: Copyright 2009, Department of Electrical Engineering and Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington. 



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