Sivaramakrishnan Natarajan Ramamoorthy

I am a fifth year graduate student in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at UW, Seattle advised by Anup Rao. Previously, I completed my undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Technology at IIT Madras, where I was advised by Jayalal Sarma.

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in Complexity Theory, more specifically in Communication Complexity, Information Theory and Data Structure Lower Bounds. I'm also interested in questions surrounding Combinatorics and Additive Combinatorics.


-- Lower Bounds on Non-Adaptive Data Structures Maintianing Sets of Numbers, from Sunflowers, Manuscript.
with Anup Rao pdf
-- Simplified Data Structure Lower Bounds for Dynamic Graph Connectivity, ECCC Technical Report.
with Anup Rao pdf
-- On the Communication Complexity of Greater-Than, Allerton 2015.
with Makrand Sinha pdf
-- How to Compress Asymmetric Communication, CCC 2015.
with Anup Rao pdf

(Undergraduate Research)

-- Knapsack Cover Subject to a Matroid Constraint, FSTTCS 2013
with Venkatesan T. Chakaravarthy, Anamitra R. Choudhury, Sambuddha Roy pdf
-- Density Functions subject to a Co-Matroid Constraint, FSTTCS 2012.
with with Venkatesan T. Chakaravarthy, Natwar Modani, Sambuddha Roy, Yogish Sabharwal pdf


-- In Fall 2016, I ran a reading group on Expander Graphs and Applications. More info can be found here
-- In Spring 2016, I ran a reading group on Combinatorics. More info can be found here.