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A photo of Sofia smiling at the camera.

Email: sofias6[@]cs[●]washington[●]edu

How I pronounce my name (in English):
so-FEE-uh ser-AWN-oh

Hello! I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science & Engineering (more specifically, in natural language processing) at the University of Washington, and am advised by Noah Smith. In fall 2024, I will be starting as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Lafayette College in Easton, PA. Before I came to UW, I was an undergrad at Carleton College studying math and computer science.

My research mainly focuses on topics related to interpretability and explainability of natural language processing models, although I'm also interested in model evaluation and NLP for social science.

I'm also very interested in computer science education and AI literacy more broadly! If you're around UW and interested in similar topics, I'd really encourage you to come to the CS education seminar— in my experience, that's the most direct way to get looped into the broader CS education community at UW!