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 Managing XML and Semistructured Data - Lecture Series
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The following slides were the basis of lectures delivered by Dan Suciu for a graduate database course in Spring 2001. The slides can be viewed in their entirety on the web, or downloaded as powerpoint or postscript files.

Lecture Topic Sources
1 Preliminaries and Overview ppt ps
2 XML ppt ps
3 Bisimulation ppt ps
4 Path Expressions ppt ps
5 Query Languages: Lorel and UnQL ppt ps
6 Query Languages: XPath ppt ps
7 Query Languages: XQuery ppt ps
8 Query Languages: XML-QL ppt ps
9 Structural Recursion in StruQL and XSLT ppt ps
10 Schema ppt ps
11 DTD's ppt ps
12 XML Schema ppt ps
13 XDuce and Regular Tree Languages ppt ps
14 Constraints and Keys ppt ps
15 Query Analysis ppt ps
16 Indexes ppt ps
17 Publishing XML Data from Relations 1 ppt ps
18 Publishing XML Data from Relations 2 ppt ps
19 Compressing XML ppt ps

Edited by Gerome Miklau

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