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XML Toolkit License (You must read this when you download the XML Toolkit)

This software is in the public domain, available under the same conditions as freebsd, please see

Software Environment

We have implemented the XML Toolkit on Linux. Most part of the source code can be compiled on windows, but we didn't try it enough.

We have tested XML Toolkit below:
OS: Linux version 2.4.7-UP.26 gcc: version 2.96, flex: version 2.5.4, GNU Bison: version 1.28
OS: Solaris 2.5.1 (file2xml dose not work) gcc: version 3.02, flex: version 2.5.4, GNU Bison: version 1.25
OS: Solaris 2.8 (file2xml dose not work) gcc: version 2.95.2 (xsort needs newer than gcc-lib 2.96), flex: version 2.5.4, GNU Bison: version 1.28

Distribution (June/1/2002 updated) and Installation

This xmltk0.9 version supports some predicate (/bib/book[@year>1999]/author[1]) expression and the streaming index is automatically applied for such expressions. The source code and binary package for LINUX are on . The current limitations are written at Section 4 in Tutorial. This contains these files (it doesn't include xagg, xflatten, xdelete yet).
  xmltk_0.9 --- LICENSE
             +- tutorial.txt
             +- bin      --- xcat, xrun, xsort, xtail, xstat, 
                             file2xml, createSindex
The xcat, xrun, xsort, xtail, xstat, file2xml, and createSindex are commands that you can execute from shell. The the section 2 in TUTORIAL explains how to use those commands. In addition to the bin directory, it contains XML Toolkit libraries in lib, include and xpathDFA directories. The the section 3 in TUTORIAL explains how to implements a new command using xrun source code example.
xmltk on sourceforge XMLTK CVS
This contains these files.
  xmltk --- CVS
         +- LICENSE
         +- Makefile  
         +- lib      --- source files
         +- include  --- header files
         +- xpathDFA --- source files
         +- file2xml --- source files
         +- streamIndex --- source files
         +- xagg  ---    source files
         +- xcat  ---    source files
         +- xdelete  ---    source files
         +- xflatten  ---    source files
         +- xparse  ---    source files
         +- xrun  ---    source files
         +- xsort ---    source files
         +- xstat ---    source files
         +- xtail ---    source files
Be sure that there are needed software (g++, flex, bison) described above at your computer. You need to set the XMLTKROOT variable as the above extracted xmltk directory before the compilation. After that, you should create bin directory under the $XMLTKROOT directory. Now, invoke "make" at $XMLTKROOT directory and "make install", then XML parser, XPath processor, and all XMLTK comands are compiled and commpands are copied to the bin directory. The TUTORIAL explains both how to implements a new command using xrun source code example and how to use xcat, xrun, xsort and xtail commands.

For example,
1. make sure the following is installed
   gcc 2.96 or higher

2. check out via anonymous cvs
   cvs login
   cvs -z3 co xmltk

3. compile & finish up
   export XMLTKROOT="/home/scherzin/xmltk"
   mkdir bin
   make install

4. ready to use

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