A Formal Foundation for Big Data Management


The ability to analyze massive-scale datasets has become an important tool both in industry and in the sciences and many systems have recently emerged to support it. However, effective methods for deep data analytics are currently high-touch processes: they require a highly specialized expert who thoroughly understands the application domain and pertinent disparate data sources and who needs to perform repeatedly a series of data exploration, manipulation and transformation steps to prepare the data for querying, machine learning or data mining algorithms. This project explores the foundations of big data management with the ultimate goal of significantly improving the productivity in big data analytics by accelerating the bottleneck step of data exploration. The project integrates two thrusts: a theoretical study, which leads to new fundamental results regarding the complexity of various new (ad hoc) data transformations in modern massive-scale systems, and a systems study, which leads to a multi-platform software middleware for expressing and optimizing ad hoc data analytics techniques. The middleware is designed to augment and integrate existing analytics solutions in order to facilitate and improve methods of interest to the community and compatible with many existing platforms.

The results of this project will make it easier for domain experts to conduct complex data analysis on big data and on large computer clusters. All research results will be released in a middleware package layered on top of existing big-data systems. The middleware includes all the new algorithms, optimization techniques, fault-tolerance and skew mitigation mechanisms, and generalized aggregates developed during the project. In addition, the project develops and deploys a Web-based query-as-a-service interface to the new middleware. The project Web site (http://myriadb.cs.washington.edu) provides access to the software, additional results and information. Project results will be included in educational and outreach activities in big data analytics, including new curricula at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels.

This is a large project: for details, please refer to the main webiste, shown below.

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