Data Security in Global Information Exchange


How can we ensure data confidentiality (i.e. only authorized parties are allowed to see the data) and data integrity (i.e. only changes permitted by the author have been performed on the data) in global information exchange ? This project studies several fundamental problems related to security in data exchange. Students, past and current:

Supported by:

NSF IIS-0415193, NSF IIS-0428168 (Purdue) and NSF IIS-0627585 (Cornell)


Vibhor Rastogi,
Gerome Miklau,
Dan Suciu,
Nodira Khoussainova,
Magdalena Balazinska,
Wolfgang Gatterbauer,
Evan Welbourne,
Nilesh Dalvi,
Travis Kriplean,
Gaetano Borriello,


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