Ph.D. students

  • Addie Chambers (2020 - present)
  • MIT (BS, MS). Topic: time series analysis for developmental biology
  • Zixuan Zucks Liu (2021 - present, co-advised with Prof. Linda Shapiro)
  • USTC (BS), Stanford (MS). Topic: biomedical image analysis
  • Hanwen Xu (2022 - present)
  • Tsinghua (BS, MS).
  • Yilun Sheng (2022 - present, co-advised with Prof. William Noble)
  • Tsinghua Yao Class.
  • Tong Chen (2022 - present)
  • Tsinghua Yao Class.

    Previous members

  • Gian Marco Visani
  • Rotating PhD student. Now at Armita Nourmohammad's group (UW Physics).

    Undergraduate and master independent researchers

    We host undergraduate and master independent researchers every summer. Priority is given to undergraduate students who are interested in computational medicine, but do not have relevant research opportunities in their departments/schools. Biomedical knowledge is not required. Students are expected to have good machine learning background and lead their own projects.

    Below are students who have worked with me for at least 4 months.