This document contains experiment code and musical samples from "Coupled Recurrent Models for Polyphonic Music Composition," which appeared in the Proceedings of ISMIR 2019. An extended ArXiv version of the paper is available here.


Self-contained code and data for all the experiments discussed in the paper are available on GitHub. The models are contained in Jupyter notebooks, named consistently with the experiments numbers used in Tables 3 (singlepart) and 4 (multipart) in the paper. Additional infrastructure code is contained in the lib sub-directory. The collection of KernScores data used in the paper is included in the data sub-directory.


The appendix for the paper is available here


Scores are rendered directly from the output of the model using the Verovio Humdrum Viewer, without any heuristics except for an editorial choice of clefs. We do not attempt to infer any note-beaming, measures, key signatures, or other annotations that are not predicted by the model. Audio performances are synthesized using Garritan's GPO4 Piano sampler.

Short-Length Demos:

Medium-Length Demos:

Six-part Harmony:

A Long Demo: