Midterm: 1 Pimentel/PSL, March 8, 7-8pm

Final: Wheeler Auditorium, May 13, 12:30-3:30pm

Sample Midterm Exam

Thomas Narten's Nachos Roadmap

CS 162 Course Handouts

Course Overview and Syllabus

Reading List

A Quick Introduction to C++

Homework #1 (due: Thursday, February 16 at 5pm)

Nachos Project Overview

Nachos Project Mechanics

Nachos Assignment #1: Threads (due: Tuesday, February 21 at 5pm)

Nachos Assignment #2: Multiprogramming (due: Thursday, March 23 at 5pm)

Homework #2 (due: Thursday, April 13 at 5pm)

Nachos Assignment #3: Virtual Memory and File Systems (due: Tuesday, April 18 at 5pm)

Networking Overview

Homework #3 (due: Thursday, May 4 at 5pm)

Nachos Assignment #4: Networking (due: Tuesday, May 9 at 5pm)

CS 162 Lecture Notes

Tar file of all lecture note files

1. History of OS

2. Threads, Address Spaces, and Processes

3. Thread Implementation

4. Independent vs. Cooperating Threads

5. Too Much Milk

6. Implementing Locks

7. Semaphores and Bounded Buffer

8. Monitors and Readers/Writers

9. Threads Conclusion

10. Deadlock

11. CPU Scheduling

12. The Kernel, Address Spaces, and Protection

13. Address Translation

14. Caching and TLBs

15. Caching and Demand Paged Virtual Memory

16. Survey of I/O Systems

17. File Management and Disk Scheduling

18. Naming and Directories

19. Transactions

20. Network Survey

21. Network Protocols

22. Remote Procedure Call

Jim Gray on Relational Databases

23. Distributed File Systems

24. Multiprocessors and Parallel Programming

Note: I accidentally skipped a number; there is no lecture #25!

26. Security: Authentication and Authorization

27. Course Overview

Sermon 1. Simplicity

Sermon 2. Performance Tuning

Sermon 3. Building Reliable Systems

Sermon 4. Information = Property

Sermon 5. Stay Broad