Detour: Informed Internet Routing and Transport

Stefan Savage, Tom Anderson, Amit Aggarwal, David Becker, Neal Cardwell, Andy Collins, Eric Hoffman, John Snell, Amin Vahdat, Geoff Voelker, and John Zahorjan.   Detour: Informed Internet Routing and Transport. IEEE Micro, vol. 19, no. 1, January/February 1999, pages 50 - 59.


Despite its obvious success, the Internet suffers from end-to-end performance and availability problems. We believe that intelligent routers at key access and interchange points could improve Internet behavior by actively managing traffic. We describe the inefficiencies in routing and transport protocols in the modern Internet. We are constructing a prototype, called Detour, a virtual Internet, in which routers tunnel packets over the commodity Internet instead of using dedicated links.