Nirvan Tyagi


Mangrove: A Scalable Framework for Folding-based SNARKs
Wilson Nguyen, Trisha Datta, Binyi Chen, Nirvan Tyagi, Dan Boneh
In submission

MUXProofs: Succinct Arguments for Machine Computation from Tuple Lookups
Zijing Di, Lucas Xia, Wilson Nguyen, Nirvan Tyagi
In submission

Riggs: Decentralized Sealed-Bid Auctions
Nirvan Tyagi, Arasu Arun, Cody Freitag, Riad Wahby, Joseph Bonneau, David Mazières
CCS 2023
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Privacy-Preserving Accountability in Online Messaging
Nirvan Tyagi
PhD Dissertation 2023
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Bicorn: An Optimistically Efficient Distributed Randomness Beacon
Kevin Choi, Arasu Arun, Nirvan Tyagi, Joseph Bonneau
FC 2023

VeRSA: Verifiable Registries with Efficient Client Audits from RSA Authenticated Dictionaries
Nirvan Tyagi, Ben Fisch, Andrew Zitek, Joseph Bonneau, Stefano Tessaro
CCS 2022
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Orca: Blocklisting in Sender-Anonymous Messaging
Nirvan Tyagi, Julia Len, Ian Miers, Thomas Ristenpart
USENIX Security 2022
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A Fast and Simple Partially Oblivious PRF, with Applications
Nirvan Tyagi, Sofı́a Celi, Thomas Ristenpart, Nick Sullivan, Stefano Tessaro, Christopher Wood
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Proofs for Inner Pairing Products and Applications
Benedikt Bünz, Mary Maller, Pratyush Mishra, Nirvan Tyagi, Psi Vesely
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Handling Adaptive Compromise for Practical Encryption Schemes
Joseph Jaeger, Nirvan Tyagi
CRYPTO 2020 (Early Career Award)

Traceback for End-to-End Encrypted Messaging
Nirvan Tyagi, Ian Miers, Thomas Ristenpart
CCS 2019
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Asymmetric Message Franking: Content Moderation for Metadata-Private End-to-End Encryption
Nirvan Tyagi, Paul Grubbs, Julia Len, Ian Miers, Thomas Ristenpart
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Burnbox: Self-Revocable Encryption in a World of Compelled Access
Nirvan Tyagi, Muhammad Haris Mughees, Thomas Ristenpart, Ian Miers
USENIX Security 2018
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Stadium: A Distributed Metadata-Private Messaging System
Nirvan Tyagi, Yossi Gilad, Derek Leung, Matei Zaharia, Nickolai Zeldovich
SOSP 2017
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