Vishal Canumalla

Hi! I'm a second year undergraduate in the PLSE group at the University of Washington. I'm lucky to be mentored by Gus Smith, and advised by Zachary Tatlock. I'm mostly interested in programming languages and compilers, and currently work on Glenside. I collaborate with a variety of other wonderful people at UW, Harvard, Princeton and beyond! I was most recently on internship at Certora, where I was advised by Chandrakana Nandi.

Contact me: vishalc[at]cs[dot]washington[dot]edu

About Me

In my free time I enjoy watching soccer, photography, Formula 1, as well as fantasy books, games, and film. I also like playing tennis in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.

Some other things I'm interested in to a lesser degree are cooking and chemistry, but I never mix the two :).

Some other cool stuff

Super Mario Bros. 3 Arbitrary Code Execution TAS

What I look like and my (semi) formal headshot