One of the great things about living in the Pacific Northwest (see album is the rugged Cascade range of mountains. Dan's trying to climb the hundred highest mountains in Washington state (the ``Bulger List''). As of August '06, he'd done seventy-nine.

Here we see Dan on the blocky West ridge of Forbidden Peak - one of the easier routes in Fifty Classic Climbs in North America.

This shot is rather tame - Star Mt. is in the background. Star is pretty big, but like most of the peaks in Eastern Washington, it's not quite as rugged.

In the summer of '94 Dan and his buddy David Cummings went into the Pickett range (just South of the Canadian border) for an eight day trip. This shot shows Outrigger Peak (a spur summit of Mt. Fury) - it's about as remote as you can get in the lower 48.

Dan's favorite climbing partner is his wife, Margaret.

Here's a topo of a fun solo day trip Dan did in July '03. Starting from Barlow pass, there's a 4.2 mile mountain-bik ride to Monte Cristo. Dan did the loop counter-clockwise, but this meant descending the crevassed glacier to the E of the WIlman's Peaks without being able to see the crevasse patterns - not advisable. Plus the trail down from Poodle Dog pass is much more pleasant to descend than the one from Glacier Basin, so clockwise is recommended. The scramble up Wilman's peak was class 3/4, but the West Ridge of Columbia was 2/3. A beautiful area and fun circuit.

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