Note to Prospective Students

I'm always interested in advising new students, whether on a one-time basis or continuing towards a degree.

Unfortunately, I get a great many email messages each week (not to mention voice mails) from prospective students, and I simply can't answer them personally Furthermore, I need to give priority to students who have already been admitted to our program. The sad reality is that I am unable to meet with prospective students until they have formally applied to the program.

That said, here are some comments of general interest.

  1. All students admitted to the UW graduate program receive full financial aid (guarenteed for a minimum of 3 years and continued thereafter for all students making good progress in the program).
  2. You can find out more about my research, including recent papers, by using the links above. You can also learn more by visiting the pages of my student advisees.
  3. I am interested in taking on new students.
  4. Lindsay Michimoto (lindsaym at cs dot washington dot edu) can answer additional, logistical questions.

I encourage you to apply!