Waylon Brunette

Postdoctoral Researcher
Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering
University of Washington

wrb (at) cs.washington.edu

Curriculum vitae      Google Scholar Profile
My research interests include mobile computing, computing for development, ubiquitous computing, wireless sensor networks, sensor-enhanced computing, edge computing, and smart applications. Specifically, I am interested in using devices, sensors, services, and interfaces to create computer systems that integrate seamlessly into a user’s environment allowing technology to fade into the background of daily life. My research focuses on creating tools and frameworks to simplify building and managing domain-specific mobile data collection applications in resource-constrained environments. For information services to be successful in resource-constrained environments, software needs to be robust and flexible enough to be composable by non-programmers and be deployable by resource-constrained organizations using primarily consumer services and devices. Isolating reusable framework components from the user-configurable application components can reduce the skill required to customize applications.

Currently, I work with Richard Anderson in the UW-CSE ICTD Lab focusing on building technology for global health, humanitarian assistance, and international development. Specifically, my current research projects focus on designing, building, and evaluating resilient mobile technologies optimized for usage in resource-constrained and infrastructure-constrained environments. I received my Ph. D. from the Allen School in 2020 and am one of the Open Data Kit (ODK) project founders.